How to upgrade your baby quilt to a baby gym

    My little one is two an a half months now. Big enough not only to sleep and cuddle, but also to play. I realized how big my little one is during our last regular check up with the doctors. My boy was not only curiously looking at all the toys around him, but also reached his little hand to repeatedly touch the most interesting ones. Even though he was only hitting the toys, it was a clear sign to me – we need a new baby gym! (The old one was broken due to an extensive use by his older brother).


    Some time ago I had made a darling little quilt for the baby to sleep and snuggle.


    So now I decided to upgrade this baby quilt into a baby’s play gym. To make the arcs, I used two long plastic pipes that I have removed from the broken baby gym. Then I padded them with quilting batting and attached a number of loops and straps made from fabric scraps. Finally, I connected the arcs to the back side of the quilt with four white buckles. 

    It was a quick little project for a Sunday afternoon. The result is very lovely and, most importantly,  functional! The arcs are of perfect size for the baby to lay under, 12 straps and 16 loop hooks accommodate a number of toys that can be easily exchanged to keep the little one entertained. The arcs together with the plastic buckles are removable, so the quilt still can be used as a blanket. The buckle holding straps at the back of the quilt can further be used to tie up the quilt and make it as a sleeping bag that does not unravel when baby moves his legs.

    I loved the result so much, I made a pattern how to DIY a baby gym it for those who have a baby quilt that needs an upgrade. I also included the free baby quilt pattern if you are interested in the quilt only. Pleas let me know, how you like it in the comments section bellow. Hope you and your little one will enjoy it and have a lot of fun!

    Best wishes,

    Rugile from Magic Little Dreams


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