Time flies, quilts stay

    My quilting journey has started almost 6 years ago. The first quilt I made was for my 4-month-old baby boy. I wanted him to have an item, that would have more personality than the common baby toys around us, which predominantly are of poor color palette, mass produced, plastic soulless items. As it was my first quilt, it does not stand out as my best quilt design, or as being of best handcraft mastery. Yet even with somewhat lighter colors and wrinkles here and there, it stands the test of time. Above all, however, the same boy who is now almost 6 years old prefers his quilt to any other item he possesses. He still insists to use it as his main sleeping blanket, takes it with him on long car journeys and tucks in on the sofa for the bedtime story. Time flies, but some things remain.



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