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I'm really excited to introduce you to my new quilt pattern - "More than Words". I designed it with all those feelings we can't quite express in mind. You know, those deep-down emotions we all have.

Ever felt like it's easier to show someone you care by making something rather than saying it? That's what this quilt is all about. It's like wrapping someone you love in a big, cozy hug.

So here it is - "More than Words" quilt pattern, ready to add a special touch to your home and maybe even speak a little louder than words.


I'll be honest with you - this is my first time creating a quilt pattern for paper piecing, so I took extra care in writing clear sewing instructions. Each paper piecing template in the pattern is easy to follow, with every unit labeled with a unique name and piecing order indicated by numbers. I had a blast working with this template - I actually made the quilt three times to ensure the templates truly work before finalizing the pattern!  I will be posting the other two more than words quilts shortly.


At the core of this quilt is its intricate mosaic-like ornament, a reflection of the depth and complexity of our emotions. Each little piece comes together to create something truly profound.

Now, when it comes to categorizing this quilt, it's a bit of a puzzle. It's not quite modern with its detailed design, yet it's not entirely traditional either, thanks to its unexpected angles and unique elements.

But here's where it gets interesting: the fabric you choose can completely transform its vibe. Opt for charming prints, and it exudes tradition. But swap those out for solid fabrics, and suddenly it's got a contemporary flair.

So, where does that leave us? Well, it's up to you to decide. But one thing remains true - it's a beautiful mosaic quilt, remarkable in its own way.


The intricate mosaic of the "More than words" quilt is built using three different paper pieced blocks, that make up three different design elements.

Starting with the stars, they're the ones that catch your eye. Alternating between dark and light, they create a mesmerizing pattern.

Then, there's the diamonds. They're nestled in between the stars and have this neat ombre effect that adds some depth.

Lastly, there are the square motifs. Their double-layered borders set them apart from the rest of the ornament. The quilt pattern provides five different options to choose from, each contributing a unique vibe to your quilt.

When combined, these elements form a sophisticated ornament. And believe me, it looks even better when draped over a big, comfy bed.


As I mentioned earlier, your fabric choice really sets the tone for your quilt. But here's where the fun begins. There are endless possibilities to explore. Imagine this: you could go for a relaxed vibe with two harmonious shades, like a serene blue paired with a tranquil teal. Or, if you're feeling adventurous, why not mix up contrasting colors? Picture lively greens contrasting with bold reds - now that's a statement!

But wait, there's more! For added depth, consider adding a third highlight color to really amp up the excitement. Take, for instance, a burst of sunny yellow, just like the one you see in the photos - it's like adding a ray of sunshine to your quilt!

What's great about the "More than Words" pattern is that you're not confined to preset color schemes. The pattern provides fabric requirements for suggested two and three-color quilts, as well as for individual pieces. Thus, you also have the freedom to customize your quilt by swapping fabrics for any part of the design, allowing you to unveil different aspects of the ornament within. With all these colors at your disposal, creating your quilt becomes a thrilling journey of creativity.


Size matters when it comes to quilts, and "More than Words" gives you plenty of options! With instructions for 10 different sizes, ranging from small to king-size, you can create the perfect quilt for any occasion. So, choose your size, gather your fabrics, and let's begin this quilting adventure together!

Happy quilting, my friends, and may your quilts always speak love louder than words.

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams

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