Time flies, quilts stay

Time flies, quilts stay

My quilting journey has started in 2013. The first quilt I made was for my 4-month-old baby boy. I wanted him to have an item, that would have more personality than the common baby toys around us, which predominantly are of poor color palette, mass produced, plastic soulless items. Thus, I decided to make a quilt. 

Baby on a quilt. First quilt for a firstborn child

Fun fact, before my son was born, I have never even touched an actual quilt. I am from Lithuania and quilting is not popular there at all. Yet, I remembered as a child seeing a quilt photo on some handcraft magazine. And I liked that concept so much that decided to make a quilt myself. 

My husband was very supportive and got me a sewing machine. This was the most expensive thing in our newly started household. And I started learning everything there is to learn about quilting. Living in Austria I was not exposed to many quilters, thus I mostly learned from YouTube. 

And soon enough I got my first quilt. I put so much thought and all my love into it. And yes, as it is my first, this quilt does not stand out as my best quilt design, or as being of best handcraft mastery. Yet even with somewhat lighter colors and wrinkles here and there, it stands the test of time. Above all, however, the same boy who is now 6 years old love his quilt dearly. He still insists to use the quilt as his main sleeping blanket, takes it with him on long car journeys and tucks in on the sofa for the bedtime story.

Kid on quilt. Kids love their baby quilts

Time flies, but quilts made with love remain.

Happy quilting,

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams



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