This year I decided to welcome spring with butterflies. Thus, I set out to remake a charming "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt. And here is how it went.  

Muted rose for a girl's quilt

"Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt is a girls quilt, especially lovely as a baby quilt. And when I think about a baby girl, my thoughts are light, gentle and soft. So I decided this time to have "Butterfleis in the Meadow" in muted rose colors. 

The "Butterflies in the Meadow" pattern requires a high number of relatively light patchwork fabrics and a single dark fabric for butterfly silhouettes. The contrast between light and dark is the key for the butterflies to stand out on the busy patchwork. So, I picked rose and beige color fabrics for the patchwork and a single dark cherry fabric for the butterfly appliques. 

Scrappy patchwork quick to make 

What I love about the "Butterflies in the Meadow" pattern, is that the patchwork is very quick to assemble. It is composed of two types of basic blocks - four patches and hourglass blocks. The combination of the two gives a sophisticated scrappy look.

I enjoy making four patch blocks so much, that I even made a tutorial video on how to make them quick and perfect every time. 

First quilt, then applique

In this quilt, I have a rather unusual sequence of things I do. First, I finish a quilt with the patchwork only. I piece the quilt top, add borders, quilt and bind it. And only then I applique the butterflies. When doing things in this order, I find quilting much easier as butterflies do not get in the way.

Since I do not quilt over the appliques on the "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt, I prefer them to have turned edges. To achieve this, I use turned edge machine applique with interfacing technique

I love the neat finish of applique with turned edges as it looks both professional and handmade at the same time. On top of that, the appliques prepared with interfacing have an additional padding. Therefore, the butterflies puff out of the quilt top nicelly enhancing the overall cozy feeling. 

A darling spring quilt for girls

The finished quilt is a lovely girl's quilt. I am happy with the color choices I have made. I hope you like it too. Now, I only need to find a baby girl to gift it to :)


Happy spring everyone! Let's celebrate it with beautiful creations!

Happy quilting, 

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams



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