Turning the appliqué edges with interfacing is fast, simple and accurate. It is by far my most favorite technique for turned edge machine appliqué.


Infographic on how to machine applique using interfasing

To make an appliqué using this method, one traces the appliqué outline onto the interfacing and stitches it to the front of the appliqué fabric. 

Then, one makes a slit in the interfacing and turns the shape inside out hiding all the raw edges inside.

Finally, one stitches the prepared shape to the background fabric.  

When stitched down, such appliqué shape looks very neat, has smooth curves and no sticking out threads.

Yet, not all the shapes can be appliqued using this method. It works best for large shapes with shallow to moderate curves and small simple shapes such as circles, leaves and hearts.

Shapes that have an inside hole, are extremely curvy or very narrow cannot be appliqued using interfacing. For these shapes, refer to an alternative technique to turn fabric edges that uses fusible web.  

If you are looking for a simpler appliqué method without fabric edge turning, see my raw edge machine applique tutorial

All the essential steps of turned edge machine applique with interfacing are summarized in this infographic. Download it, print it and have it on hand whenever you need it! 

In the video tutorial we will appliqué a 6” (15 cm) butterfly from "Butterflies in the Meadow" appliqué pattern. The butterfly appliqué shape is perfect for the particular turned edge technique and as it contains large curvy shapes (the silhouette) and small shapes (second layer wings) you will see how to handle different shaped and sized appliques with the technique.

I will take you through the process to get these shapes perfect every time and give you plenty of tips and tricks to make things easier and faster.

The time spent was totally worth it. You can proudly admire those nicely turned edges! And as with all things in life - practice makes perfect. Next time it will go quicker and the end result will look even nicer. The nice thing about appliques - once you master them, so many opportunities open! You can customize and embellish your quilt, bag, dress or any other sewing project. Possibilities are endless.

Happy appliqueing!

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams

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I enjoyed reading this, especially the way in which you wrote it. Made it easier to understand. I will be saving this for future reference. Thank you.

Karen G

Brilliant tutorial, thankyou so much.

Jane Hadfield

You are so awesome, so Detailed

Penny Dennis

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