"Dragonfly in the Sky" - dragonfly quilt pattern

"Dragonfly in the Sky" - dragonfly quilt pattern

Do all quilts for girls have to be pink? Absolutely NO!!! Here I share with you a blue dragonfly quilt for girls "Dragonfly in the Sky". (Yeah, the name does not make much sense, I just liked the rhyme :D). The pattern for this adorable baby quilt is now available in our store

Blue "Dragonfly in the Sky" quilt



This is one of my few first designs, where I exploit the Alter Ego patchwork and decorate it with various appliqués. Other two similar patterns are "Butterflies in the Meadow" and "Blooming Meadow", where I decorate the Alter Ego patchwork with butterfly and flower appliques respectively. In the "Dragonfly in the Sky" quilt I appliqué a single majestic two layer dragonfly on top of the patchwork. Dragonfly appliqué outline is included into the quilt pattern, but it can also be purchased separately. 

Dragonfly applique on a busy patchwork


The biggest challenge for successful "Dragonfly in the Sky" quilt is to get the contrast between the patchwork and the applique right. Alter Ego patchwork is very scrappy. Thus, the dragonfly has to stand out against every single fabric in the patchwork. To achieve this, I chose somewhat lighter tones of blue and turquoise for the patchwork and very dark blue for the silhouette of the dragonfly. To emphasize the contrast between the two even further, I decorated the wings of the dragonfly with yellow fabrics that contrast very well with blue. As a result of this play with the fabric colors, the Dragonfly stands out against a busy patchwork background. 

"Dragonfly in the Sky" quilt


Once I introduce a second color to the dragonfly wings, I have to repeat it elsewhere in the quilt. The best place to do so is border. As this is a quilt for kids, I decided to make a scrappy border and therefore make a quilt more playful. To build up the scrappy border, I used up all the leftover scraps from the patchwork, inserted some charming yellow fabrics and interspaces all of the fabric pieces with dark blue strips. Then, I had to distance the scrappy border from the scrappy patchwork not to overwhelm it. Thus, I added three more layers to the border - narrow white strip to frame the patchwork, stripe fabric to make it more vivid and finally a wide light blue strip to calm everything down. Thus I ended up with a wide four layer border on this "Dragonfly in the Sky" quilt. 

Scrappy border on the "Dragonfly in the Sky" baby quilt


"Dragonfly in the Sky" is somewhat serious but at the same time a very playful quilt for kids. Calm colors and large dragonfly make it mature, whereas a scrappy border makes is lively. 

Let me know what do you think about this serious yet playful quilt for girls. 

Happy quilting, 

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams


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