Gender neutral baby quilt Small Steps

"Small Steps" - unisex baby quilt

I am so exited to present you with a darling unisex baby baby quilt pattern "Small Steps"

"Small Steps" baby quilt

This baby quilt is specifically designed to emphasize the great journey ahead of the little one - the Life. 



"Small Steps" quilt is a very universal baby quilt. When made in unisex colors, it is perfectly suited both for a baby girl and baby boy. For such unisex quilt, I chose neutral color combination - warm grays with bright yellows. Additionally, this pattern supports the use of several fabrics with large prints.  

Fabric stack for "Small Steps" baby quilt


The patchwork of the "Small Steps" consist of playful square in a square blocks. On top of it, it is easy and quick to assemble. 

Unisex baby quilt


The cutest part of the quilt is the trail of growing footsteps. Footstep appliqué outlines are included in the quilt design but can also be purchased separately. The most beginner friendly way to add footstep appliques to the quilt is to use raw-edge machine applique technique

Footstep trail on a baby quilt "Small Steps"


"Small Steps" quilt pattern contain instructions for a single size baby quilt (43"x43"). This quilt size is large enough to accompany baby through the first one and a half years of their live. When quilt is made out of 100% cotton materials, it is soft, warm and breathable - perfect for a delicate baby skin. Baby wrapped in a baby quilt "Small Steps"

On top of it - baby quilts are just made to hug and cuddle with the little one!

 Baby cuddling in a gender neutral baby quilt


Ans as every quilt, baby quilts need labels. So for this "Small Steps" quilt label, I used a quote by Lao Tzu:

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step"

Quilt label on a baby quilt

Hope you enjoy this darling baby quilt I called "Small Steps"!

Happy quilting, 

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams



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I love that baby quilt, I want to make it.

Vivian James

I loved making this quilt, what an easy to read pattern and I appreciate how you show the cutting layout so no fabric is wasted! Thanks very much for the thought you put in to it!


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