Raw edge machine applique with fusible web, also known as fusible applique, is the simplest, the most versatile and the most widely used applique technique. In this comprehensive step by step raw edge applique tutorial, you will swiftly learn to applique any type of shapes in an easy, quick, smart and fun way! Let's get started!


Infographic on how to do raw edge machine applique

Fusible web, or iron-on adhesive, is a mesh of a solid fabric glue that melts upon heating. This way it can be ironed on the fabric and can attach two fabrics together. For applique, use a light weight paper backed fusible web, with one side covered with paper. 

For raw edge machine applique with fusible web, one simply traces the inverted applique outline onto the paper lining of the fusible web, fuses it to the back side of the fabric and cuts out the precise shape. Then one irons the shape onto the background fabric and stitches it in place. 

This technique is simple, quick and gives great results with almost all shapes. 

For your convenience, all the essential steps are summarized in this infographic. It's completely free to download! Download and print it out to have it within reach whenever you need it! 

Alternative to raw edge machine applique is turned edge applique, where all the fabric edges are hidden. If you like your edges turned, check out a tutorials on turned edge machine applique with fusible web and turned edge machine applique with interfacing

In this video tutorial we will applique 1.6" x 2.8" baby feet from the "Footprints" applique pattern. This is a small applique, that has 5 extremely tiny toes. We will applique it using the four most commonly used raw edge applique stitches: a straight line, a blanket, a zigzag and a satin stitch. Based on this guide you can choose your favorite stitch for your project. 

The time spent appliqueing was totally worth it. You can proudly admire your work! And as with all things in life - practice makes perfect. Next time it will go quicker and the end result will be even nicer. The wonderful thing about appliques - once you master them, a million opportunities opens up! You can customize and embellish your quilts, bags, dresses or any other sewing projects. The possibilities are endless.

Happy appliqueing!

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams 

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This is great. I had not known of fusible web, that made all the difference in appliqué on quilts, shirts, patching holes in favorite clothes. Even if I still want to sew the appliqué on, it gives me a good way to avoid using pins. It seems as my vision grows dimmer, this is a good accommodation for me. Thanks!

Sharon Koontz

I learned raw edge applique but what do you do if the material you use for your applique designs fray a lot it don’t look nice can I use something like fray glue or not

Anita Kuipers

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