"Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower." (Hans Christian Andersen)

I could not agree more with these wonderful words by Hand Christian Andersen. And for me, a flower is something beautiful and fragile and at the same time something making you feel alive. For me, a flower is LOVE. That was exactly the feeling I had in my mind when designing the "Blooming meadow" quilt

"Blooming Meadow" quilt pattern cover


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I designed the "Blooming Meadow" quilt for a newborn girl. When I got the exiting news that one of my colleague is expecting a firstborn daughter, I had a huge smile on my face and instantly decided to make a quilt.

To come up with a quilt plan, I was pacing with my eyes shut trying to picture the little girl. I was trying to grasp this feeling of joy, beauty, fragility and LOVE. The colors came to me first and then the sea of flowers on a fresh mountain hill came to my mind. And that was how the idea of the "Blooming Meadow" quilt came to be. 

"Blooming meadow" quilt on a chair


I created this quilt multiple times now. I enjoy making it every single time. I could even say that the "Blooming Meadow" quilt is my favorite so far. It was also one of my very first quilt patterns I wrote. Now, a few years have passed and I got more experienced in pattern writing. Thus, I decided to go back to my original "Blooming Meadow" quilt pattern and make it easier to follow, quicker to make and simply better. To do this, I simplified sewing instructions, incorporated full applique method guides, added new quilt layouts, provided a number of quilt color options and much more. So here it is - a new and better "Blooming Meadow" quilt pattern as a instant download digital file.  

"Blooming Meadow" quilt with flowers


The basis of the "Blooming Meadow" quilt is scrappy patchwork - the meadow. The patchwork is quick and easy to build from a number of scrappy four patches and scrappy hourglass blocks.  

Flower applique on "Blooming Meadow" quilt


For the patchwork meadow to truly bloom, the quilt has a number of appliqued flowers. Those uniform but scrappy blossoms is what gives this quilt its charm.

The scrappiness of the flowers comes from their irregularity, their different sizes and many different fabrics on the top of petals. At the same time, the flowers look very uniform and pop out against a busy patchwork due to the single contrasting fabric used at the bottom of all the petals.  

I know that applique may seem a lot, especially with two layers of petals. Yet, these flowers are actually rather easy to make using machine applique. See an online video tutorial for a quick and easy raw edge machine applique method, or check out the turned edge machine applique video tutorial for a more sophisticated look. Both methods give great results and nice, yet different look and feel for the quilt. 

Flower appliques on a pink girl's quilt


"Blooming Meadow" quilt pattern now includes sewing instructions for six different sizes ranging from baby to extra large throw quilt. Every size comes with different number and distribution of flower appliques. With those sizes it's not just a baby girl quilt! 

Darling flower quilt for a girl - "Blooming Meadow"


The final addition to the "Blooming Meadow" quilt pattern is the name one can applique on this quilt. Specifically for that, I made English alphabet applique outlines that can be purchased separately.  I think it is a perfect gift for a girl to have her name written down on her quilt.

Baby girl quilt with flowers and girl's name "Blooming Meadow"

Hope the "Blooming Meadow" quilt will find its place on many girls beds! I might even make one for myself some day :) 

Happy appliqueing, 

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams

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Hi Renee, thank you for reaching out! Regrettably, I don’t have the specific details on the fabric line you’re inquiring about. This quilt came together from a collection of small fabric pieces I’ve gathered over the years. If there’s anything else I can assist you with or if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams

Could you tell me what fabric line this is? Looks exactly like what I am needing g to match. Thanks

Renee Allison

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