"Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt pattern

"Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt pattern

Let me introduce you to a "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt for girls! It is an adorable violet crib size quilt for a girl with three large appliqued butterflies flying over a patchwork meadow. The pattern for this quilt is now available on the store.

"Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt pattern



I made this quilt for a little girl that is going to grow with it until her school years. The quilt is 40" x 53" - large enough to accommodate a growing child through her first years of life. The pattern contains sewing instructions for four more sizes for throw quilts ranging from 44” x 57.5" to 57.5” x 71”. 

"Butterflies in the Meadow" - purple butterfly quilt


The patchwork of the "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt makes the scrappy meadow. It is composed of checkered four patch and hour glass blocks, collectively called "Alter Ego". 

Scrappy patchwork with large butterfly applique on "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt

I used over 40 scrappy fabrics in this quilt to create the meadow of patchwork. 

Scrappy stash of fabrics for "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt


Three large dark violet butterflies with playful wings and embroidered whiskers are appliquéd on top of the quilt. The butterfly appliqué outlines can be purchased separately here. One can use either a fast and simple raw edge machine applique technique or a more sophisticated turned edge machine applique technique to appliqué the butterflies onto the quilt. 

Large butterfly appliqued on top of the "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt


To quilt "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt I did both stitch in the ditch and free motion quilting. First, I stitched in the ditch through the patchwork to emphasize large diagonal squares. 

Purple "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt for girls

Next, I meandered some butterflies with free motion quilting on the borders to add some coziness and irregularity to this darling quilt. 

Free motion quilting of the border of the quilt. Butterfly meander


Every quilt needs a label. For this "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt I added an ultimate text for a baby quilt: 

Read me a story
Tuck me in tight
Say the sweet prayer
And kiss me good night

Quilt label on a folded purple quilt

Shall the "Butterflies in the Meadow" quilt remind you of a sweet summer day full of peaceful love in the air. 

Happy quilting, 

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams 

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