As an African proverb says, the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW! :) So, let's plant some trees with thread and needle today! 

Our new tree appliqué pattern "Trees from the forest" includes 8 different tree crown and 11 different tree trunk outlines. Combining the two, you can make over 80 distinctly looking trees from this single tree appliqué pattern and plant your very own forest! 

Tree applique outline pattern


Easy to make - see video tutorial

To aid the appliqué process, I made a detailed sew along video tutorial. In this tutorial, I walk you through the process of making the trees with turned edges in great detail. To ensure the easiest, quickest and the least error prone way to make these trees, I combine two turned edge appliqué techniques - using fusible web and using interfacing - and explain all the peculiarities.

You can also make the trees using the raw edge appliqué technique. For that, check out our detailed step by step guide to raw edge appliqué with fusible web that also includes a video tutorial. 

Thus, if you want to make a tree appliqué - you will! There is no way you are going to fail ;) Check out our tutorials!

8 Different tree outlines

There are 8 kinds of trees in the "Trees from the Forest" appliqué pattern: evergreens, maples, linden, chestnut, oak, poplar, ash tree and birch. Soon, each tree outline will be available to purchase separately as a stand alone pattern. 

Evergreen - geometric and sharp, the most popular tree of all - the tree of Christmas. Evergreen outline is included in "Our forest. Winter" quilt pattern. 

Evergreen tree applique outlines

Maple - elegant and poetic. Maples happened to be my favorite trees. I was used to watch a very old one in front of my window. It was blooming with modest greenish blossoms in early 

spring, hosting bird nests in summer, elegantly turning yellow after the first strikes of cold and glittering from white frost in winter.

Maple was the first tree I made from this series and included in "Our forest. Winter" quilt pattern.

 Maple tree applique outlines

Linden - simple and pretty. Lindens silently shine throughout the year like peaceful candle lights. These tree appliqué outlines are used in "Our Forest Spring" quilt pattern. 

Linden tree applique outline

Chesnutt - splendid and serious. Every spring, chestnuts announce summer with their magnificent flowers. Chestnut tree appliqué outlines are also included in "Our Forest Spring" quilt pattern. 

Chesnutt tree applique outline

Ash - simple and round, loosing it's deadwood in every storm, yet remaining strong and unbreakable.

Ash tree applique outlines

Birch - light and slender, a true signpost to the northerners heart.

Birch tree applique outline

Oak - grand and majestic. Not without a reason our ancestors were praying to these trees. 

Oak tree applique outline

Poplar - a common tree in the northern hemisphere - tall and fine.

Poplar tree applique outline

I hope these tree outlines will help you to bring forest closer to your home. Perhaps it will even inspire you to plant a tree! :) 

Happy appliquéing!

Rugile from Magic Little Dreams


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